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A Window of Opportunity We Must Seize

Wars, a global pandemic, natural disasters, and economic and political turmoil have gripped our globe. People who have never reached out before are now looking for spiritual answers. Some are asking, “Are there clandestine forces controlling world events? Are we just dangling marionettes in the hands of master puppeteers?” Your church has the answers these people deserve to know, but this window of opportunity may not last. The time is now to share this important series.

Shawn Boonstra
Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director

A Simple, Effective Way to
Engage With Your Community

Designed to Bring Your Neighbors Through the
Doors of Your Church—in Person or Virtually

Answering Important Questions

In this four-part direct-to-church event, Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director Shawn Boonstra gently guides attendees through the tangled web of the occult and spiritualism, exploring their historical roots and highlighting biblical insights. In doing so, he answers the questions on many minds today: “Are there hidden powers orchestrating world events?” and, even more importantly, “How can I ensure I’m not deceived in the days to come?” Combining beautiful footage, exquisite graphics, and a captivating narrative, The Serpentine Prophecy is one event your members will be proud to invite their friends to.

A Track Record of Success

For years, Voice of Prophecy bridge events have been successfully bringing people through the doors of churches across North America. And once they’ve arrived, the engaging content guests have experienced and the relationships they’ve started have encouraged thousands to continue on with follow-up Bible studies and evangelistic programming.

Simple to Execute

One of the keys to the success of these bridge events has been their simplicity, and The Serpentine Prophecy is no exception. Here’s the format: four sessions, plug-and-play discussions, and an invitation to join a Bible study.
It’s that simple.

Why Are So Many Excited
About The Serpentine Prophecy?

“Our church loved the series. We enjoyed how easy it was to put on, how engaging the presentations were, and how comfortable we could feel inviting anyone to come and listen. The format of the series allows your church to experience the content and presentations of a professional evangelist, but reap the benefits of connecting people with you and your local church.”

– Jon Tillay

“The shorter format of just a few meetings was perfect for the busy people of today. Shawn did a really great job of blending history with biblical prophecy. I learned a lot myself.”

– Greg Carlson

“I appreciate the enticing and gentle way that Shawn presents the truth. It left the audience wanting to know more.”

– Diane Levy

The time has never been better to share this powerful series. Register today!

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