Topics and Sessions

Mysteries Beyond the Shadows

The Serpentine Prophecy:
The story you weren’t supposed to hear . . .

There is an ancient lie—a disturbing thread that ties our present to the distant past. What are the whispers that emerge from age-old tombs, speaking of things that move beyond the shadows? Are there dark influences and unspoken forces that have been quietly driving humanity from the very dawn of civilization . . . and if there are, where are they trying to take us?  

Join hundreds of churches throughout North America in hosting The Serpentine Prophecy, which debuts on April 21, 2022. The sessions build on each other, giving your guests greater biblical understanding while simultaneously whetting their appetite for even more study.

Here’s a little about what is presented at each of the four sessions.

The Secret of Room 217

Opening Session

It’s said to be one of the most haunted rooms in America. Some guests refuse to stay the entire night: after all, the nightmares within inspired one of the most infamous horror films of all time. What’s really going on behind the door of Room 217? A whole lot more than most people realize . . . and you’ll be surprised by where we have to go to find the answers.

Whisper of the Serpent

Session 2

Ancient civilizations spoke of a shadowy underworld, a place completely unlike the world you inhabit. Who told them of such a place?

Hidden Knowledge

Session 3

In the earliest years of the Christian church, there were voices professing to know something that nobody else knew. Where did they come from?

The Serpentine Prophecy

Session 4

Thomas Edison invented something that few people ever talk about. Is it the key to unlocking the secrets of America’s most haunted room?

Event Schedule

Check out our recommended session schedule below. Experience has shown us that hosting a bridge event session during a Sabbath morning church service gives community members the best opportunity to build friendships with your church, as they will be introduced to people that they wouldn’t meet otherwise. But if a Sabbath morning session isn’t tenable for your congregation, we’ve outlined an alternate schedule you can follow instead.

This spring, The Serpentine Prophecy launches at hundreds of churches across North America. Participate in the continent-wide launch of the series by hosting at your local church beginning April 21, 2022.

Schedule Options

Recommended Schedule

Session 1: Thursday evening
Session 2: Friday evening
Session 3: Sabbath morning church service
Session 4: Sabbath evening

Alternate Schedule

Session 1: Thursday evening
Session 2: Friday evening
Session 3: Sabbath evening
Session 4: Sunday evening

Program Flow

Each session will follow the same basic schedule, with minor variations in timing. (This is true even for a Sabbath morning meeting, so you’ll need to adjust your typical morning program to match the look, feel, and flow of the evening meetings.) Here is a breakdown of specific program sections, using a start time of 7:00 p.m. as an example:

7:00 p.m.Welcome, announcements, and opening prayer (for in-person hosting).
7:05 p.m.Video experience: Pastor Boonstra shares the message for the session (approximately 30 minutes).
7:35 p.m.Local Bible study: Your local moderator leads your audience through the guided Bible study (approximately 30 minutes).
8:05 p.m.Promotion of the next session (or invitation to follow-up programs) and closing prayer.
8:10 p.m.Refreshments and casual conversation (for in-person hosting).

This series presents a critically important truth that people in your community deserve to hear. Your church has the answers they’re looking for.