How Does The Serpentine Prophecy Work?

A Four-Part Bridge-Building Event

The Serpentine Prophecy has four teaching components:

1. Video Experience

Each session begins with a 30-minute video that features documentary-style footage with beautiful graphics, resulting in a compelling guest experience.

2. Local Moderator

At the end of each video experience, the video host will turn the time over to a local moderator who will lead the audience through a short, guided Bible study. This format will encourage greater personal interaction and stronger relationship-building, and it will quickly establish your moderator and church as trusted entities.

3. Follow-Up Event

During the sessions, Shawn Boonstra will encourage guests to look to your church for follow-up study. A follow-up event should begin the week following the conclusion of the series. We recommend a Sabbath school class, a Bible study, or a local evangelistic series. For an evangelistic series, our full-message series Discovering Revelation is a great choice. Whatever it is, it’s crucial that you offer some type of follow-up event in order to build on guests’ interest.

4. Book Offer

Shawn Boonstra has written an easy-to-read book, Draining the Styx, that takes a deeper look at what happens after death. We recommend that you use this book as a giveaway item at the end of your series, encouraging guests to attend all four sessions.

Your church can do this!

This simple, highly successful formula has helped hundreds of churches bring people through their doors, and, once there, helped those same people accept them as trusted friends and biblical guides. Sign up for The Serpentine Prophecy and start developing friendships in your community today.

This series presents a critically important truth that people in your community deserve to hear. Your church has the answers they’re looking for.