How to Participate

1. Registration

Registration is $299.* By registering, your church gains access to the premium video content for this exciting series. The Serpentine Prophecy will not be available via YouTube or Facebook, and the event can only be accessed through churches like yours. By registering, you get:

–  Premium access to The Serpentine Prophecy video content.
–  A host kit with resources to host your event successfully.
–  Free marketing resources created by the Voice of Prophecy.

* The price rises to $349 if registration takes place less than eight weeks prior to the opening session. All dollar amounts are in U.S. dollars.

2. Order Resources and Promote Your Event

By promoting your event locally, you’ll see more guests and make a bigger impact in your community. View our wide selection of promotional resources here. Choose a prepackaged marketing bundle or order pieces à la carte based on the needs and budget of your church.

3. Engage Your Members

Involve your church members in the campaign and generate enthusiasm by sharing the special messaging, videos, bulletin inserts, prayer cards, and sharing tracts with your congregation.

Your church can do this!

This simple, highly successful formula has helped hundreds of churches bring people through their doors, and, once there, helped those same people accept them as trusted friends and biblical guides. Sign up for The Serpentine Prophecy and start developing friendships in your community today.

This series presents a critically important truth that people in your community deserve to hear. Your church has the answers they’re looking for.

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