What is Discovering Revelation?

What Is Discovering Revelation?

Discovering Revelation is Pastor Shawn Boonstra’s full-message evangelistic campaign that he has preached all over the globe. This powerful series has been refined with a modern template and brand-new, jaw-dropping graphics that are sure to press the truths of Scripture deep into the minds of your audience.

What Is Discovering Revelation About?

Discovering Revelation uses the fascinating lens of Bible prophecy to teach the basic truths of Scripture and Christ’s salvation for sinners. By discovering Revelation, your audience will discover Jesus! And by the series’ end they will clearly understand each of the 13 baptismal vows that cover the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Why This Event?

Some have claimed that full-message campaigns don’t work anymore. But this idea couldn’t more be wrong—they absolutely do work, for one simple reason: we don’t do the converting.

We don’t soften hearts—the Holy Spirit does. The reality is that God is already working with people in your community. When He leads us to them, they are more than ready to sit through 24 meetings of a full-message series, thanks to the Holy Spirit’s preparation. In fact, in our experience, many interests are sad to see the series end and beg us to keep going!

This is a high-quality program that your members can be proud of. More importantly, it’s a message people in your community need to hear.

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