SP Posters Personalized (25-pack)


The Serpentine Prophecy posters offer advantages that online and mail advertisements don’t. First, they can’t be clicked away from or thrown away by would-be attendees. Second, if strategically placed, their presence gives you the opportunity to remind your community members multiple times about your series.

For optimal success, place these attractive full-color 11” x 17” posters in strategic locations around town like grocery stores, medical offices, and other area businesses. Alongside well-planned online, door-to-door, and direct mail campaigns, posters provide an important opportunity to share about your meetings in your community. Each poster is personalized with your event dates and times, location, speaker information, and pre-registration information.

Poster size: 11” x 17”

25 posters to a pack


SKU: SPPM7-O-801

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