Learn More About Hosting The Serpentine Prophecy

These webinar sessions will give you a preview of what you can expect.

The Serpentine Prophecy: An Inside Look

Pastor Shawn Boonstra joins Pastor Alex Rodriguez to take an in-depth look at the content of The Serpentine Prophecy.

Original presentation date: January 11, 2022

Pre-Launch Event Webinar

Pastor Shawn Boonstra joins Pastor Alex Rodriguez to introduce The Serpentine Prophecy and explain how the event works. Shawn shares some of the latest from the field of evangelism and why now is a great time to host this series.

Note: Special offers presented are time-sensitive, and all offers have now expired.

Original presentation date: November 9, 2021

Click here to access the pre-launch event webinar

This series presents a critically important truth that people in your community deserve to hear. Your church has the answers they’re looking for.

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