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  • Discovery Center Agreement

    Thank you for your interest in establishing a Discovery Center in your community!

    We look forward to partnering with you through powerful outreach initiatives designed to highlight your congregation while taking advantage of national cooperation and branding. The cutting-edge resources provided for Discovery Centers take advantage of proven strategies that have been successfully used by the Voice of Prophecy team for decades, while also incorporating the very best in contemporary and innovative outreach methods.

    All Discovery Centers are branded alike. While this does not preclude adding your own creative flair to your center, there are certain standards and practices that the public will come to expect from each center. The Discovery Center is, in essence, a franchise of the Voice of Prophecy International, and all centers agree to adhere to certain standards of practice.

    Each Discovery Center Must:
    1. Be a regular Seventh-day Adventist congregation or company recognized by a local conference.
    2. Affirm the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, agreeing to use those beliefs as a guideline for choosing topics that are suitable to present to the public.
    3. Operate a Discover Bible School, which is the bare minimum standard for a church to be considered a Discovery Center.
    4. Agree not to use the internal disputes of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as material for public presentation. (For example, debates about church policy are not to be presented for public consumption from the pulpit, in a broadcast or in print.)
    5. Adhere to copyright laws and not copy or distribute the resources provided to it without the express written permission of the Voice of Prophecy.
    6. Understand that while a Discovery Center is free to supplement the provided curriculum and auxiliary materials provided by the Voice of Prophecy through personal creativity and efforts produced by the congregation (sermons, etc.), outside materials not produced, provided or approved by the Voice of Prophecy must not be presented to the public as part of the Discovery Center curriculum.
    7. Understand that when interacting with the public or conducting public events, they are to be insured in the same manner as any Seventh-day Adventist church and that the Voice of Prophecy is not responsible for such insurance or for any damages that may result due to interaction with the public.
    8. Agree that church members who participate in organizations critical of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (including offshoot organizations and ministries, or organizations that publicly call fundamental beliefs into question) must not be used in Discovery Center projects or activities.
    9. Understand that a violation of this agreement can result in the Voice of Prophecy revoking a Discovery Center’s license.
    10. Agree to complete the Discovery Center orientation course.
    11. For a downloadable PDF of this agreement click here

      This agreement is to be renewed every three years and the license provided to use Discovery Center materials is granted to the congregation, rather than any one individual.