Social Media Campaign Boost – Extra 30,000 Impressions


Boost your Social Media campaign by an extra 30,000 impressions

*Requires purchase of Social Media Advantage or Advantage Plus campaign packages.

In the case of the single event Advantage campaign, this package will boost your total impressions to 40,000.

In the case of the two event Advantage Plus campaign, this package will be divided equally between both events effectively boosting your impressions to 25,000 each event for a combined total of 50,000 impressions.



Reach your neighbors where they spend their time—on social media!

1.73 billion users visit Facebook every day, while 500 million use Instagram. You can reach thousands of these users in your community with a well-designed social media campaign. According to marketing experts, adding a social media campaign to your promotional strategy can increase event registration by as much as 50%.

Add this package to your Advantage or Advantage Plus campaigns to boost your social media impressions by an extra 30,000.