$400.00 for 1 year

Radio, TV, Internet and much more help you become the Voice of Prophecy in your community. By leveraging and linking our near 90 years of experience and exposure to your church, you will be increasing community awareness and your church’s credibility.

Want a discount? Encourage your conference or union to purchase bundles in bulk for significant savings.

SKU: DCB-0045


Become the Voice of Prophecy in your community! God has placed you and your church in your community in order to do the work that He has set out for us to do. No one is better equipped to do that work than you! In this tier, the Voice of Prophecy and your church partner together to make your church and pastor prominent in your community. The media tier includes the following:

  • Discovery Centers Ad Spots in the following programs:
    • Disclosure
    • Discovery Mountain
    • The Bullpen
    • Believers
  • Discovery Centers Branding Agreement
  • Discovery Centers Print Resources
  • Exclusive Templates: Keynote, PowerPoint, and JPEG
  • VOP Local Broadcast