Final Empire Host Kit


This kit contains the basics that you will need to host final empire:

  • 100 Generic Bulletin Inserts
  • 100 Generic Invitation Cards
  • 200 Generic Prayer Cards
  • 100 DVD Promo Flyers
  • Access to registration management dashboard
  • Church website for pre-registration, event locating, and information
  • Event Manual
  • Resource guide, samples, and forms
  • DVD with all four presentations and 1080p streaming option
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Join Shawn Boonstra on a dramatic journey exploring the providential rise of the wealthiest, most powerful nation in history—the United States. You’ll see the evidence that America is a country founded on biblical principles of religious liberty. But is the strength of this republic eroding? Will America be history’s final empire? Discover the Bible’s warnings for the nation today in this fascinating documentary.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions .01 × .01 × .01 in