$400.00 for 1 year

Top of the line evangelistic tools and resources to help your Union, Conference, or Church thrive and grow exponentially.

Want a discount? Encourage your conference or union to purchase bundles in bulk for significant savings.

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Evangelism is the heart and soul of ministry. In this tier, you will receive access to cutting-edge, top-of-the-line evangelistic resources and tools that will allow your church to more effectively win souls for Christ. Each of these tools is designed to generate interests that you can study the Bible with and through the power of the Holy Spirit lead to a loving, saving relationship with Jesus. Here’s what you get:

  • Discovering Revelation Full-Message Series
  • Discovering Revelation Children’s Lessons
  • Discovering Revelation Adult-Focused Lessons
  • Discovery Mountain Vacation Bible School
  • Discovery Mountain Full-Message Series
  • Student Records Interest Tracker
  • Voice of Prophecy Exclusive Artwork
  • Consultation and Custom Design Planning for Church Growth and Evangelism