Education (Conference)

$300.00 for 1 year

A well trained army in the hands of the Holy Spirit will turn your community upside down. Take advantage of the up-to-date training resources packaged in this tier. New material is added monthly.

SKU: DCB-0130


A suite of current training and teaching resources at your fingertips is the key to a successful continuing education and development program. In this tier, your church will be able to develop a curriculum personalized for your church’s needs. Mix and match the resources as you need them. With an ever-growing pool, you’ll never run out of materials to train your church members in effective outreach and soul-winning techniques. The education tier comes packaged with access to the following:

  • ShopTalk
  • ShopTalk Tool Tips
  • ShopTalk Live
  • Special Training Sessions
  • Cost Sharing for In-Person Training
  • Custom Consultation on Evangelism and Church Growth