DR English Bible Study Guides Single Topic (10-pack)

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Discovering Revelation Bible Guides SINGLE (Pack of 10) Encourage all attendees – invitees as well as church members – to engage in these thought-provoking Bible study guides, which allow them to reflect and study further on each topic. They are a must-have if you plan to provide a Bible school during your meetings. The guides should be distributed at the Bible school station in the lobby/entrance area and given out each night along with the graded lesson from the previous session. $4.49 Pack of 10 (any guide number 1-23) 23 guides – a pack of 10 serves 10 attendees for 1 night. Available in English and Spanish – purchased separately.

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TOPICS 1) A New World Order 2) Planet in Upheaval 3) Armageddon 4) The Man of Revelation 5) The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 6) The Time of the End – Part 1 7) The Time of the End – Part 2 8) The Appearing 9) The Anatomy of Evil 10) The Ultimate Mind Game 11) The Coming of the Lawless One 12) Revelation’s Sign of God 13) Revelation’s Forgotten History 14) A River Runs Through It 15) Babylon Rising 16) Revelation’s Keys of Death 17) Secrets of Answered Prayer [Saturday morning*] 18) God’s Strange Act 19) A Desolate Planet 20) How to Postpone Your Funeral 21) Return of the Woman 22) Revelation’s Mark of the Beast 23) The Testimony of Jesus [Saturday morning*] 24) The Last Night on Earth [no study guide—speaker’s testimony] *Note: on Saturday mornings you may want to order extra depending on how many people typically come to your Sabbath worship service.

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DR English Lesson Guides

#1 A New World Order, #2 A Planet in Upheaval, #3 Armageddon, #4 The Man of Revelation, #5 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, #6 The Time of the End, Part 1, #7 The Time of the End, Part 2, #8 The Appearing, #9 The Anatomy of Evil, #10 The Ultimate Mind Game, #11 The Coming of the Lawless One, #12 Revelation's Sign of God, #13 Revelation's Forgotten History, #14 A River Runs Through It, #15 Babylon Rising, #16 Revelation's Keys of Death, #17 Secrets of Answered Prayer, #18 God's Strange Act, #19 A Desolate Planet, #20 How to Postpone Your Funeral, #21 Return of the Woman, #22 Mark of the Beast, #23 The Testimony of Jesus