$400.00 for 1 year

Become a household name in your community. You can’t grow your church if no one knows you’re there. The tools in this tier will let your church’s light shine and will endear you to the hearts of those that live and work in your sphere of influence.

Want a discount? Encourage your conference or union to purchase bundles in bulk for significant savings.

SKU: DCB-0050


Evangelism effectiveness is directly related to your church’s ability to connect with local interests and the community on a relational level. The tools and resources in this tier provide you with the opportunity to not only share Bible truths, but also build lasting and deep relationship ties with your community that will regularly feed your local church with new interests. In this tier, you will have access to:

  • Shadow Empire
  • A Pale Horse Rides
  • The Appearing
  • Fire From the Sky
  • DiscoverLife
  • NAD Friendship Evangelism