DR English Nightly Handouts Single Topic (10-pack)


Discovering Revelation Nightly Handouts SINGLE (Pack of 10) To be handed out at the close of each presentation as a review of each topic. This allows your attendees to take the information home with them, look up vital texts, and even share what they are learning with loved ones and friends who missed a night or have not been attending. Keep previous nights’ handouts available for people to take home, in case they missed any presentations. This also provides Bible workers with a visitation tool for those that have missed nights. $1.95 Pack of 10 (any handout number 1-23) 23 nightly handouts – a pack of 10 serves 10 attendees for 1 of the nights. Available in English and Spanish – purchased separately.


TOPICS 1) A New World Order 2) Planet in Upheaval 3) Armageddon 4) The Man of Revelation 5) The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 6) The Time of the End – Part 1 7) The Time of the End – Part 2 8) The Appearing 9) The Anatomy of Evil 10) The Ultimate Mind Game 11) The Coming of the Lawless One 12) Revelation’s Sign of God 13) Revelation’s Forgotten History 14) A River Runs Through It 15) Babylon Rising 16) Revelation’s Keys of Death 17) Secrets of Answered Prayer [Saturday morning*] 18) God’s Strange Act 19) A Desolate Planet 20) How to Postpone Your Funeral 21) Return of the Woman 22) Mark of the Beast 23) The Testimony of Jesus [Saturday morning*] 24) The Last Night on Earth [no handout—speaker’s testimony] *Note: on Saturday mornings you may want to order extra depending on how many people typically come to your Sabbath worship service.