DR Attendance Barcode Scan Registration Tickets (100-pack)


Discovering Revelation Registration Tickets (Pack of 100) This is a must-have item during your meetings. Whether you have 10 attendees or 100 and more, this will assist you to keep track of how many meetings and to which meetings people have attended. Registration tickets are part of an already built in software called SRS (Students Record System) that you have free access to as a Discovery Center. All attendees will register once, and then after each night, they will scan their ticket bar code (about 2 x 2 after detached from registration information) that can be added to their keychain. All attendees must register, invitees as well as church members. (You will need a scanner for this to work with SRS–Check your DC site under Discovering Revelation suggested equipment for current options) $24.95 Pack of 100


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Dimensions 8.5 × 2 × 1.5 in