POP Bible Marking Plan

POP Bible Marking Plan

Bible Marking Plan


Our Bible marking plan puts a complete system of chain-reference studies at your fingertips!

There are 26 “chains” of Bible texts that parallel the 26 Discover Bible Lessons—also available in our store—and cover such essential topics as the plan of salvation, the Second Coming, the afterlife, Christian living, and the Sabbath. Simply peel the color-coded labels from these pre-scored sticker sheets and mark the verses in your Bible.

Use this marking plan in conjunction with the Discover Lessons and Talking Points for a robust system of follow-up with interests and new believers!

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20+ $4.99 each

See below for list of topics.


Full list of topics: 1. Creation 2. Bible 3. Origin of Evil 4. Messianic Prophecies 5. Plan of Salvation 6. Growing in Christ 7. Daniel 2 8. Second Coming 9. Heaven 10. Signs of His Coming 11. Holy Spirit 12. Sanctuary 13. Judgment/2,300 Days 14. Prayer 15. Law 16. Sabbath 17. Lifestyle/Tithe 18. Health 19. Baptism 20. Church Fellowship 21. Change of the Sabbath 22. Millennium 23. Hell 24. State of the Dead 25. Remnant 26. Three Angels’ Messages