Discover Bible School

A Discover Bible School is a Bible study ministry based in the local church. Church members seek people in their community with whom to study the Bible, and provide these studies using one of five methods: one-to-one, small groups, correspondence, online, or DVDs. Through your Discover Bible School, minister to countless Bible study interests using a robust suite of tools. This package includes discounts on all Bible study materials and access to tracking software, websites, and much more.

Before Midnight

This training series summarizes the basics of establishing and operating a Discover Bible School. It was presented on the HOPE Channel by Shawn Boonstra, Kurt Johnson and Alex Rodriguez. Click Here to download the Before Midnight Handouts.

Browse All is an information website where a person can find what the Bible says on about 400 topics. If the person cannot find the answer they are searching for, they can ask a Bible question and a volunteer will answer their question. If a person has a prayer request, a volunteer will minister to them. In addition, Bible Study Guides are offered free of charge. To access the website go to:

Browse All—Online Bible Study Website

Our online interactive Bible study website allows a local church or church member to give Bible studies from your mobile phone, laptop, or computer. Numerous English lessons and non-English courses are available.

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Discover Bible Guides

The Discover Bible Guides are a 26-lesson series that covers the major doctrinal teachings of the Bible in a Christ-centered approach. Each study guide has a written summary of the topic, including key Bible texts, along with a section for looking up Bible texts. In addition, to the Discover Bible Guides, a companion set of Bible Guides for personal and small groups is available, entitled Talking Points. This set of guides parallels the Discover Guides. A Bible Marking series is also available to use with the Discover Guides and Talking Points. These and other Bible study products are available from the Voice of Prophecy by calling (805) 955-7652 or visiting our online store.

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Discover Bible School & Evangelistic Meetings

Success has been found in using the Discover Bible School as part of your evangelism strategy. Use the Discover Bible School as pre-work, during your meetings, and in follow-up.

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Information Website

This website provides the supporting materials you need to organize and operate a successful Discover Bible School. Resources include the Bible School Store, DBS Handbook, Resource Catalog, various forms used in your Bible School, answer keys to study guides, and numerous other materials. The link is: When asked for a password, enter “vop”

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More Bible Guides

In addition to the Discover Bible Guides, Voice of Prophecy offers studies particular to certain topics and audiences (e.g. prophecy; kids; etc.).

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Online Store: Bible School & Discovery Centers

Bible School products are available for purchase by accessing our online store at or by calling the following telephone number: (877) 955-2525 Monday-Thursday 9AM-6PM MST

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Student Record System

This is an online record system which allows your Discover Bible School to track the Bible study progress of your students. It can be used by multiple individuals in a local church who are giving Bible studies to others. Please follow this link to Please sign up for an account if you need one.

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There are a number of video training options for you as a Discover Bible School. These include our productions, Before Midnight and our Believe conference.

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What is a Discover Bible School?

Read introduction information and practical advice on running your Bible School.

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If you have any questions or need additional info we’d be happy to talk with you or someone from your Church

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