Introduce Your Discover Bible School to Your Community

Introduce Your Discover Bible School to Your Community

Discovery Centers Advertising Spots

The Voice of Prophecy team will provide generic scripts for 30-second spots that can be tailored to each Discovery Center in order to promote your Bible School and local Discovery Center. Discovery Centers working with local media broadcasting networks or other local audio engineers can replace a portion of VOP spots with local Discovery Center advertisements promoting your church. The following programs are available for spot advertising:

Christian talk radio (with a video option) covering relevant biblical and social topics designed to promote your Bible School and Discovery Center.

Discovery Mountain Logo

Audio adventure series for kids exposing communities to biblical truths through an accessible and fun broadcast.

Short faith stories designed to strengthen the community’s faith in God and desire to search out truth through your Bible School and Discovery Center. (2021-22)

The Bullpen: Religion for Men — A SportsCenter-type talk show where religious topics are discussed in an open and transparent forum.

Branding and Resources

  • Discovery Centers Branding Agreement — The media tier of Discovery Centers authorizes churches who stream their Sabbath service to utilize the Discovery Centers and Voice of Prophecy logos alongside of their individual church brand, lending greater credibility and a broader network feel to their local transmission.
  • Discovery Center Print Resources — A vital part of a growing and thriving church is the uniformity of brand across all platforms, including print resources. To this extent, this tier will provide an ever-growing and varied offering of print material that Discovery Centers can utilize to brand their church. Items such as church bulletin templates, prayer cards, connect cards, thank-you cards, note cards, letterhead and newsletters are a few examples of what will be created.
  • Voice of Prophecy 30-Minute Local Broadcast — This is your personal broadcast. The Voice of Prophecy will provide ready-to-go scripts for your pastor to have his very own radio, podcast or VCAST broadcast. This will provide your church with the opportunity to be better known in your community. (2021-22)
  • Exclusive Templates — Keynote, PowerPoint and JPEG templates to be used by the local church in sermon, seminar, and presentation development. (New templates will be designed yearly.)