LifeLine Book 2


The LifeLine studies (2 books with 13 lessons each) are a full-message course covering the major doctrinal teachings of Jesus and the Bible. They’re an excellent resource for new believers! Use these lessons in follow-up small groups, Sabbath School classes, and baptismal classes. You can also use them in personal/individual study. 

Each study contains three sections: Group Life (an opportunity for sharing and getting acquainted with other group members), Scripture and Life (the Bible study itself), and Application to Life (in which the topic under study can be applied to daily living).

Book 2 contents:

  1. Signposts (Signs of Christ’s Coming)
  2. How Will Jesus Return? (Second Coming)
  3. Death—Then What? (Understanding Death)
  4. Sin—Forever Gone (Millennium/Hell)
  5. Forever Young (Heaven/New Earth)
  6. Symbols of Salvation (Old Testament Sanctuary)
  7. The Future Predicted (End-Time Prophecy)
  8. Symbols of Commitment (Stewardship of Life)
  9. Life at Its Best (Health/Lifestyle)
  10. A Family Forever (Christian Fellowship)
  11. A Messenger for Today (Gift of Prophecy)
  12. A Spirit-Filled Life (Holy Spirit/Spiritual Gifts)
  13. Summarizing God’s Message

For the first half of the lessons, be sure to check out Book 1.

By Kurt Johnson, Director of the Voice of Prophecy’s international Discover Bible School. 80 pages.

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