Welcome to Discovering Revelation

Thank you for considering this epic outreach event. We hope you’ll join hundreds of churches
across North America in presenting Discovering Revelation, our full-message evangelistic series!

As disasters intensify and our world teeters, people are seeking answers more than ever before. This event promises to be an outstanding opportunity to introduce a complete picture of Bible truths to interests in your community. And in the process, these people will get to know you— your ministry, your church. That’s why you’ll be preaching the series!

But don’t worry—the Voice of Prophecy team will be providing all the evangelistic resources you need to present the message and reach your community. It’s all there: slides with a stunning new collection of art pieces, sermon scripts, supporting materials, training—everything! And beyond that, I’ll be walking you through the finishing touches on your presentations. Basically, we’ve cut out the hard parts so you can focus on presenting and on building those personal relationships.

We’ve also got a fantastic way to lead interests into Discovering Revelation: one of our powerful short bridge events, such as Final Empire or The Serpentine Prophecy (you can click on those links to learn more and sign up to host). Their explorations of history and Bible prophecy will leave guests eager for a deeper dive into Daniel and Revelation with your full-message event.

Click around this site or get the Discovering Revelation info packet to learn more about this event. Share the information with your church leaders—then register to host at

As you and I work together to make Discovering Revelation happen, let’s pray that the experience will ignite a passion for outreach in your church and result in an abundant harvest for the kingdom of God!

Shawn Boonstra

Speaker / Director, Voice of Prophecy

This is a high-quality program that your members can be proud of. More importantly, it’s a message people in your community need to hear.

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