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We are delighted that you’re interested in joining the growing list of over 2,000 churches that have partnered with the Voice of Prophecy to bring life-changing bridge events to communities throughout North America. Final Empire is the latest in our series of short co-hosted events that have been designed to showcase your church and its ministries.

This phenomenal on-location documentary is sure to capture the imagination of your audience. Using its Hollywood-style trailer and our leading-edge marketing techniques—including leveraging social media, where so many of our society can be found day in and day out—will leave your community salivating at the thought of attending your one-of-a-kind local program.

Is this all coincidental, or is there something greater, something spiritual taking place? What will happen next? Will America collapse? These and other similar questions are permeating our conversations, and the good news is that the Bible holds the keys to these mysteries. Through Final Empire, your church is poised to be a center for peace and answers in your community.

In Final Empire, we agitate the questions that people in our society are wrestling with concerning the future of America. The current global pandemic and the recent tension-filled U.S. presidential campaign have left your community ripe for answers.

And the best part is that you won’t be alone. Hundreds of Seventh-day Adventist churches throughout North America will be joining you in this national campaign. In Acts 2, the Bible records that when the church was in one accord, the Holy Spirit was poured out. Imagine what will happen when Adventist churches across the continent unite to promote and hold this timely and relevant event! God will bless once again with His Spirit, and many will set their sights on Jesus.

There has never been a better time to reach out to your community, and you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve made it as simple as ever. In fact, we are providing your church and presenter with everything they need.

Here’s how it works. I’ve filmed four 30-minute video presentations that your audience will be shown in your church over four sessions. After each video presentation is finished, your host will lead attendees through a short Bible study and discussion. Throughout the series, I will plug your church as an authority on biblical topics and set you up to invite your guests to a follow-up program. That program can be group Bible studies, a Bible marking class, one or more of our other short events, a full evangelistic series, or any other Bible-related, prophecy-type study that will keep your guests connected and facilitate eventual decisions for Christ. That’s it! It’s really that simple.

My goal is to position your host and your church in the minds of your audience as experts in Bible prophecy. It’s my desire that Final Empire will whet their appetite, building in their hearts a desire to learn more. That’s where you’ll step in, because let’s face it, I don’t live in your area, so they need to connect with you more than me.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now at Join us as we reveal to the world what will happen next in American history—and the history of humanity. Jesus is coming soon, and He’s called each of us to give the invitation to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Shawn Boonstra

Speaker / Director, Voice of Prophecy

This is a high-quality program that your members can be proud of. More importantly, it’s a message people in your community need to hear.