Hosting Your Event

An Easy Process and All the Right Tools

We are delighted that you’re considering hosting this vital topic in your community! Your Voice of Prophecy team has endeavored to make hosting Final Empire as comfortable and easy as possible. We’ve created all the tools that you will need to run a successful event, along with supporting resources that are sure to make this a memorable experience for each of your guests and church members.

The Hosting Process Has Four Easy Steps:

1. Registration

The first step is to register as an event host. This can be accomplished here at—just click on “Register Now” and you will be guided through every step.

2. Marketing

We’ve made this process as simple as possible. We’ve packaged differing resources and techniques into multiple bundles on offer—allowing you to pick just the right method for your community. We also have à la carte marketing options that will allow you to build your own campaign bundle if you desire.

3. Presentation

Final Empire is a four-session event designed to run over a weekend. The presentation phase is also simple. The local host will welcome guests in, then play the video. After the video, the host will lead the guests in a short guided Bible study designed to reinforce, from the Bible, the things covered in the documentary.

4. Follow-Up

During the program, Pastor Shawn will promote your speaker and church as an authority on Bible and end-time topics. So it’s essential that you provide your attendees with a Bible-based follow-up program. It could be Bible studies, a Bible marking class, one or more of our other short events such as Shadow Empire, A Pale Horse Rides, or The Appearing, a full evangelistic series, or any other Bible-related, prophecy-type study that will keep your guests connected and facilitate eventual decisions for Christ.

That’s it—it’s that simple!

All of the resources that you will need will be packaged in the host kit or available to download from the host website.

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