Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I have access yet?

Have you completed all registration steps?

  • You must create an account and purchase your bundle(s).
  • Your payment must be received in full. This may be coming from your conference or union.
  • Your church board must vote to work with the Voice of Prophecy. To confirm this, you must submit a Discovery Center Agreement form.

When we have processed your payment and all documents, we will activate your church’s account; this typically takes one business day after your church has completed all steps.

What is a Discovery Center?

A Discovery Center is, in essence, a franchise of the Voice of Prophecy.

We’d like to provide you with all of our very own resources to promote the evangelistic success of your church. Becoming a Discovery Center gives your church access to the Voice of Prophecy’s best strategies, proven outreach tools, and branding power—people’s trust in and familiarity with this established ministry. You’ll enjoy a host of cloud-based resources, special discounts, and a personal connection with the Voice of Prophecy team. We’ve got your back!

What will I receive as a Discovery Center?

All of the resources available to a Discover Bible School, plus the video, audio, and print resources unique to your select bundles.

Every Discovery Center is a Discover Bible School (whether established or new) and receives the basic bundle of resources available to a Discover Bible School: discounted lessons, the interest generation of, the ability to track your students with the Student Records System (SRS) database, and more!

Beyond that, every Discovery Center can look different—there are four additional bundles available, with different resources unique to each bundle. Your church can subscribe to all four, none of them, or any combination of them! Each bundle contains its own set of specialized video, audio, and/or print resources, all available through your online Discovery Center account.

For full details, please view this PDF.