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The Future of Our Republic

Was the rise of America just an accident of chance? Pastor Shawn Boonstra digs into history to understand where America came from and where the country is headed next. This topic will examine the pages of history for evidence of the fingers of Providence shaping the origin of the nation.

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      Who’s Presenting

      Live study session after each presentation

      Shawn Boonstra

      Final Empire is co-presented by Pastor Shawn Boonstra and a local moderator. In his documentary-style presentation, Pastor Boonstra will travel to Europe, Israel, New England, and Washington, D.C., in search of the historical and biblical roots of America as a Christian republic. Following each documentary presentation, the local moderator will lead an interactive study on the session’s topic.


      The presentation was very interesting. The sites that were visited, the knowledge that was shared…God’s working throughout history has been incredible!




      I liked the shorter format of just a few meetings for the busy people of today. The presentations did a really great job of blending history with biblical prophecy.




      I really enjoyed the quality of the production, as well as the rich historical background and the connection with current events that were presented.

      Mary Lynn

      Mary Lynn


      The Schedule

      Session 1

      Republic Rising

      Join Pastor Shawn Boonstra as he explores the real story behind America and its earliest beginnings. When Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World, what were his true goals? Discover the fascinating role Columbus’ religious beliefs, views of Bible prophecy, and personal convictions had in his journey to America.

      Session 2

      Christianity Corrupted

      In this session, we’ll venture into the dark heart of a corrupted faith. Somehow the church Christ founded went from loving its enemies to burning them at the stake. What went wrong?

      Amazingly, the fallout of the church’s tyrannies ended up sowing the seeds of American freedom. Learn how the power of print, the fire of reform, and the inspiration of Scripture all combined to fuel a shift in European thought that would set the stage for a brand-new empire.

      Session 3

      The Earth Opens Up

      In the 1600s, the idea of a republic without a king was revolutionary—and irresistible. As English Protestants began to explore the intriguing idea of a world without kings, they focused on principles of government found in Deuteronomy 17.

      As a New World emerged, a new vision of state power and religion started to take root. How did this dream become reality in a faraway land across the Atlantic? Follow the story of America’s first colonies and their quest for religious liberty in this engaging session.

      Session 4

      America’s Last Stand

      Pastor Boonstra takes a look at the very founding of the United States, sharing the incredible accounts of its Revolutionary leaders and the divine influence they felt so keenly guided by. You’ll come away with a new appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy today—the legacy of the biblical principles that shaped the founders’ vision of government.

      Yet the Bible also holds a warning for America’s future . . . What can prophecy tell us about where this nation is headed? It’s an urgent message for today that we simply can’t afford to miss.

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