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Grow your church using VOP’s top-of-the-line evangelistic resources

Discovering Revelation

Full preach-it series modeled after Pastor Shawn Boonstra’s Revelation Speaks Peace seminar. This 23-part series features our brand new Voice of Prophecy exclusive artwork: 6K-resolution sermons with brand-new artwork and all accompanying support materials. 

Discovering Revelation
Children’s Studies

Brand-new children’s Bible prophecy studies designed to be used in conjunction with the Discovering Revelation series. (January 2020)

Discovery Mountain
Vacation Bible School

A soul-winning pre-work tool to endear children to Discovery Mountain, introduce them to biblical truths, sign them up for Bible studies, and pave the way for involvement in the prophecy seminar. (A new VBS will be designed regularly.)

Discovery Mountain Children’s Evangelistic Curriculum

The full-message Discovery Mountain children’s evangelistic curriculum is designed to complement your evangelistic outreach seminar. This will start as a set of children’s lessons and eventually bloom into a comprehensive program. When children discover there’s a special Discovery Mountain program coming to town, their parents will end up sitting in your evangelistic meetings! (Basic edition 2020; full edition 2021)

Student Records System Interest Tracking Software

A brand-new online program designed to track interests for any type of event the church holds. (An offline option—for when an internet connection is unavailable or lost—will be available in December 2019.)

Church Growth Consulting

The Voice of Prophecy team is ready to put years of experience in soul winning, evangelism, and church growth to work for your church, conference, or union. Available to partners is exclusive consultation, customization, and implementation of strategic plans designed specifically for your geographic area.


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