What do I get

Gain soul-winning and church growth techniques via online media and local training events


30 to 45-minute, studio-filmed training seminars covering all aspects of evangelism and church growth. We are committed to producing a new episode monthly.

ShopTalk Tool Tips

A brand new segment of ShopTalk providing five-minute snippets of instruction in tactics and techniques of soul-winning, leadership and church growth.

ShopTalk Live

Live training sessions delivered on location or through webinars covering the A-Zs of evangelism.

Special Events

Stand-alone, multi-segment training events (e.g. Before Midnight) filmed live on location or pre-recorded covering evangelism topics in-depth.

Local Training

Cost sharing for in-person local church training events.


If you have any questions or need additional info we’d be happy to talk with you or someone from your Church

+1 (970) 622-2962