Welcome to our Discover Bible School Bundle!

This bundle is free to all churches, whether or not you purchase additional Bundles. The resources in this bundle include our Discover Bible School (DBS) Information Website, discounts in our online store, the DBS Handbook, training videos, and consultation.

To register as a Bible School, you must fill out a Discover Bible School Registration Form and send it to

Discover Bible Guides

Our new Discover Guides are designed to be used for personal studies, small groups and correspondence in one package. The main study contains printed verses, powerful stories, appeals and commitment prayers. Included is a WordSearch section allowing students to look up texts and fill in the blanks. Coming Soon: New Spanish Discover Bible Study Guides (2021)

As a registered Bible School, these guides are available to you at a discount!

Talking Points

These 26 study/discussion sheets are designed to be used for small groups and personal study as a supplement (companion) to the Discover Bible Study Guides. The Talking Points discussion sheets provide Bible texts and questions to discuss together.

As a registered Bible School, these discussion sheets are available to you at a discount!

Discover Bible Marking

Now you can have a full doctrinal and spirit-filled Bible study series at your fingertips everywhere you go by marking your Bible with the 26 Discover Lesson topics. This new Bible Marking course has been designed to complement the Discover Guides. Use them alone or in conjunction with the Discover Guides and Talking Points for a complete and robust system of Bible training and education.

As a registered Bible School, this course is available to you at a discount!

Discover Minis 

The Discover Minis are a shortened version of the first five Discover Guides, similar to the size of the Pocket Signs and Glow tracts. The tracts are designed to be hand distributed as sharing literature. An opportunity to request the full set of guides is advertised on the last page of the tract. Share a message and offer free Bible guides.

As a registered Bible School, these tracts are available to you at a discount!

Enrollment Cards

Enrollment Cards offer an opportunity for individuals to request free Bible studies. Church members share the cards with those whom they come in contact. In addition, the cards can be mass- mailed. Contact the Bible School for additional information by calling (805) 955.7652.

As a registered Bible School, these cards are available to you at a discount!

Much More!

A brand-new set of Discovery Mountain Bible studies for children. (2020)

Student Records System (SRS) — The SRS is designed for the Bible School to track their students Bible lesson progress, decisions and visits. In addition, the instructors in a local church can be assigned students. This tool is built with many layers of permissions—granting churches the ability to manage each student and communicate with each lay Bible worker. — is one of the most-visited Bible study information sites on the web with over 1 million visitors per month. Partners will benefit directly from all Bible studies generated through the site as they are transitioned to the online Discover Bible School, printed lessons, along with promotional initiatives that will feature Voice of Prophecy events hosted at your church.

Online Discover Bible School — Through this web-based Bible study school, interests can study each lesson online and dialogue with an instructor from your Discover Bible School. Advertise your unique URL in your community and obtain students. The Voice of Prophecy’s site will also be feeding Bible studies into the online schools.

Bible Study Factory — The Bible Study Factory is a clearinghouse for Bible study lessons. Partners will be given the opportunity to edit studies to their needs and upload their own studies, which may be made available to all Discovery Centers across North America. In this way, we all benefit from the best and most up-to-date studies over a variety of topics.

Discover Store — As a partner, you will be entitled to significantly discounted pricing on all Bible study materials. We believe your Bible school is an essential component to your soul-winning success. The focus of the Voice of Prophecy is to provide Bible study resources to your Discover Bible School at near cost. 


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