Virtual Option

Stay tuned for more details about our virtual platform and the technical requirements for virtual hosting—watch this page!

Worried about the pandemic shutting your event down? We’ve got you covered. The Voice of Prophecy team has built a brand-new custom event platform that will allow you to hold your meetings virtually.

This tailored evangelistic tool will enable you to engage with your audience as you would at an in-person event, with features like:

– Registration and greeting

– Decision cards and immediate guest feedback

– Personal interaction with guests for further study or prayer

– The ability to seamlessly transition from live presentation to prerecorded content

It’s still true that there’s no replacement for face-to-face ministry—which is why we recommend holding live meetings with guests in a neutral venue or at your church, if you can safely do so. But we wanted to ensure your ability to weather any shutdown. With this platform, you’ll be able to continue the mission and vision that God has placed on your heart and church.