Topics and Sessions

Important Note: This topic list and summary is intended for presenters only. Please be very careful who you share this list with. It is not intended for series guests—there is a separate approach for Discovering Revelation hosts to introduce topics to the audience.

Presentation 1

A New World Order

The prophecy of Daniel 2 is a topic aimed at the deepest need any human being has: to know that his or her life has meaning. If it can be demonstrated that world history has a purpose and direction, and that Someone is pushing it toward a logical conclusion, then it is a natural step for those listening to want to believe that their lives also have meaning and direction.

Presentation 2

Planet in Upheaval

Building on the presentation of Daniel 2, this exploration of the signs of the times as found in Matthew 24 will help establish where we are in Earth’s history—that Christ’s coming is imminent and that He is calling all to be ready for that great day.

Presentation 3


Is the battle of Armageddon a physical or spiritual battle? You will lead your guests through Old Testament and New Testament passages that will reveal the truths around this climactic conflict and the “valley of decision” it brings each of us to.

Presentation 4

The Man of Revelation

What is the essence of salvation? Who or what is being revealed in the book of Revelation? Share with your guests the true revelation of this “mysterious” book and the only Man who can bring us salvation.

Presentation 5

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Past, future, or present? Your presentation of Revelation 6 will help guests understand the way key signs and symbols in Bible prophecy show us the whole history of Christ’s church and the world, right down to the present moment just before His return. This session helps establish the framework for other time prophecies.

Presentation 6

The Time of the End, Part I

This presentation of Daniel 8 will be shared as a mystery or puzzle to be solved. By comparing Daniel 8 with Daniel 2, you will remind your guests how time prophecies are structured: they begin in Daniel’s day and move forward to a big last-day event. 

Presentation 7

The Time of the End, Part II

This exploration of Daniel 9 will establish the accuracy of Bible prophecy and help your guests understand that (a) the judgment is real, and that (b) we have a loving heavenly High Priest whose greatest desire is to see them saved in His kingdom.

Presentation 8

The Appearing

Your presentation of the biblical truth about the Second Coming of Jesus will help your audience see that the event will not be quiet and secret, but a sight for all to see. Presenting this subject in a kind and careful manner will lead your guests to consider the topic anew, honestly and openly.

Presentation 9

The Anatomy of Evil

In this introduction to the Great Controversy and the origin of sin, you will consider many common questions your guests may be wondering about—such as why pain and suffering exist and bad things happen to good people. This presentation will build your guests’ trust in God despite the hurt they have experienced in their lives.

Presentation 10

The Ultimate Mind Game

Share the hope found in godly living and Revelation 14’s promise to have God’s name written in our minds. Your guests will come to recognize that personal victory over sin is possible through Jesus and His gift of sanctification. The point of this presentation is not to behave better for fear of being lost, but to recognize that running our own lives hasn’t gone all that well and trusting a loving God will make life far more rewarding.

Presentation 11

The Coming of the Lawless One

This presentation taps into the general anxiety that people have about public unrest and the decline of Western civilization. In a gentle and logical way, you will demonstrate how the law of God and the Ten Commandments are God’s better plan for us. You’ll have the opportunity to help your guests recognize that there is great freedom in cooperating with God than in rebelling against Him.

Presentation 12

Revelation’s Sign of God

In this session, you’ll examine what the Bible says about the Sabbath, encouraging guests to ask intelligent questions as you help them find logical, biblical answers. This lesson has been intentionally crafted to take a  patient, Scripture-based approach. In this manner guests will have the opportunity to see the subject in its most beautiful light, not through man’s opinions or traditions, but through God’s Word.

Presentation 13

Revelation’s Forgotten History

In this follow-up presentation, you will review the key Sabbath and first day texts in the Bible. Your deliberate, thorough presentation, sprinkled with anecdotes from your own experience, will help your listeners see what the Bible teaches and how it has impacted your life.

Presentation 14

A River Runs Through It

Focusing on the key Bible verses concerning salvation by faith and baptism, this presentation will help underline the idea that God’s symbols—more than just the Sabbath—are important to Him. The invitation at the end of this message will encourage your guests to step into the river of God and experience His salvation.

Presentation 15

Babylon Rising

Your study will help your guests understand Revelation 13’s mysterious sea beast as you compare its description with those found in the book of Daniel. Your inclusive acceptance of collective wrongdoing will help bring you and your audience together to the foot of the cross.

Presentation 16

Revelation’s Keys of Death

Help your guests understand what happens when they die and what lies beyond—and offer the hope of resurrection. As you patiently and compassionately present this subject and interact afterwards, your guests will come to accept what the Bible teaches on this key biblical subject.

Presentation 17

Secrets of Answered Prayer

Is God really listening? Why doesn’t prayer “work” all the time? This presentation is your opportunity to confirm the fact that God indeed answers prayers. He may answer with a yes, no, or maybe, but God is not ignoring us. You will be sharing some biblical principles of prayer and how they can lead us to a deeper relationship with Him.

Presentation 18

God’s Strange Act

This session picks up where “Revelation’s Keys of Death” left off and examines the fate of the wicked, those who reject God. In tackling the subject of hell and what the Bible says about it, your goal is simple: to reveal the true loving character of God and share what the Bible says about eternal torment. Most modern audiences find this truth a relief, and guests will take great comfort from your Scriptural message.

Presentation 19

A Desolate Planet

Introduce your guests to the biblical truths of heaven, the millennium, and Eden restored in this exploration of God’s promise to make all things new. This thrilling presentation will help your guests see the beauty of God’s plan for the earth made new—leading them to trust Him with their own future.

Presentation 20

How to Postpone Your Funeral

Present the beauty of God’s prescription for healthy living. With clear principles from Scripture and data from modern medicine, this session will help your guests understand and adopt healthy habits in their own lives.

Presentation 21

Return of the Woman

The woman of Revelation 12 is a powerful illustration with a message for our day. This session studies the truths of Scripture and history in regards to God’s last-day church and what its people are like. Share this eye-opening subject with prayerful confidence in this time-tested presentation.

Presentation 22

Mark of the Beast

What is the mark of the beast and how can we be sure we don’t receive it? Share with your guests the truth and hope found in one of Revelation’s most fascinating and controversial subjects.

Presentation 23

The Testimony of Jesus

Jesus made sure to give His church the spiritual resources to share His last-day truth—including the gift of prophecy. This session introduces the Spirit of Prophecy in a way that will be sensible and attractive to your guests.

Presentation 24

The Last Night on Earth

Discovering Revelation culminates with your own personal testimony of how you chose to follow Christ. As you share how God has led in your life, members of your audience will start to recognize God works in the same way for all of us and that He’s calling each one of us home.

This is a high-quality program that your members can be proud of. More importantly, it’s a message people in your community need to hear.

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