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Welcome to the Discovery Centers resource and event hosting platform. On this site, you will find the resources and tools that you will need to host your event. From videos and supporting materials, to marketing packages, to a control panel to manage your pre-registrations—and much more—this site has been designed to be a one-stop event management tool to assist you in successfully presenting your event to the community you live in. To learn more about how to use this site, watch the video tutorial or click below for written instructions.

How to Use This Site

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Landing Page

Hi, welcome to the Discovery Centers event hosting platform. We are delighted that you’ve chosen to host a Discover bridge event from the Voice of Prophecy. On this site you will be able to manage your pre-registrations, order supporting resources and marketing, download or stream event resources, and much more. If you’re familiar with Discovery Centers, feel free to skip this tutorial and proceed straight to your resources. For those of you who are logging on for the first time, allow me to provide a few quick pointers to help you navigate the site.

The page you are currently on is the event home landing page. This is the home page that you will see each time you log in. For churches who also are Discovery Center partners, you will continue to be directed to the Discovery Center’s home page and can access this tutorial from there.

Note that when you log in to the site in the future, this video will be hidden. If at anytime you wish to watch it again, click on the green “Click For Tutorial” button above. We have also provided a written pictorial that can be accessed below by clicking the link under the title “How to Use This Site” or by clicking the plus sign directly below and to the right of this video.

Sidebar Menu

Directly to the left of this page you will find the sidebar collapsible menu. Through this menu you will be able to manage your events and also manage your hosting site account membership. Under the Discovery Center’s Logo you will find your name and member ID. This is your Discovery Centers unique membership ID. Please provide this number to our customer service personnel when calling or emailing for support.

Directly underneath your name and ID is a list of menu items. Feel free to navigate the menu to become acquainted with what’s available. For the purposes of this tutorial we will focus on the “My Events” menu item which is directly under the first listed item entitled “My Bundles.” The “My Events” menu item is where all of your Discover events are listed. This is a multi-teared collapsible menu. When you click on My Events, it will open a drop down menu that will display all of the events that you have registered to host. Find the event you are needing to access and click on that event. A 2nd tier drop down menu will open giving you access to all of the resources and elements of the event–such as resources, event information, event store, etc. You will also access your pre-registration control panel from here which will allow you to view information on all meeting pre-registrations.


The Discovery Centers website is a multi-functional platform for churches that partner with the Voice of Prophecy through event hosting or through the Discovery Center’s partnership. You will notice that there are other pages unrelated to My Events that you will be able to navigate to–specifically under the My Bundles menu items. While exploring the site, to return to this tutorial page simply click on the Dashboard button located on the top right menu of the page.

Discover Centers

For those of you who would like more information on how Discovery Centers can help you grow your church and also wish to explore the full potential of this site, please click on the blue “Unleash Your Church” button below this page’s tutorials and you will be directed to the Discovery Center’s informational site in a separate tab.

Again, thank-you for choosing to partner with the Voice of Prophecy in hosting a Discover bridge event. These events have been carefully and thoughtfully designed to bring your community through the doors of your physical or virtual church. If you have any questions regarding hosting the event or about the Discovery Centers platform, please reach out to us through phone or email–these can be found at the bottom of the sidebar menu.

Blessings on your event.

Your Discovery Centers Dashboard

From Here you can view your purchases and get your resources. Want to find out more about how Discovery Centers can help your church grow? Click below.