Event Schedule

Pastor Boonstra has designed Discovering Revelation specifically around the recommended schedule below. Each topic has been placed on a certain day and a specific weekend or weekday for a reason. And, most importantly, the topics and topic order have been derived from prophetic counsel. Ellen White is clear on how topics should be presented.

Recommended Schedule

Weeks 1-3 — Fri. / Sat. / Sun. / Tues. / Wed. Off on Mon. and Thurs.
Week 4 — Fri. / Sat. (2 meetings) / Sun. / Tues. / Wed. Off on Mon. and Thurs.
Final Weekend — Fri. / Sat. (2 meetings)

The meetings are comprised of five weekends and four weeks in between. We suggest that you place off days on Mondays and Thursdays. These are great days for meeting with your Bible workers and making visits. On the final two Sabbaths, you will be giving two presentations, one Sabbath morning and one at the regular meeting time on Saturday night.


Below is a quick format that you can work with and tweak. It’s really up to you what components you include. Regardless, we encourage you not to go longer than 1.5 hours.

7:00 PM – Welcome, announcements, prayer
7:10 PM – Special music
7:15 PM – Bible Q&A
7:25 PM – Preview coming topics, special music
7:30 PM – Presentation
8:25 PM – Appeal, baptism, prayer, dismissal

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