What do I get

Use Discovery Centers to connect to your community via friendship evangelism events

Shadow Empire 

A four-part series on Constantine’s involvement in the blending of church and state, which paved the way for the Dark Ages.

The Appearing

A study on what the Bible says the Second Coming of Christ will be like and when it will take place. 

A Pale Horse Rides

 A look into the Dark Ages and the barbarian tribes that were brought to the faith through Scripture alone beyond the influence of the Roman church. 

The Fire From the Sky

Here’s a hint: this will be a very timely message! (2019-20)

NAD Friendship Evangelism Events

Based on the evangelism principles in Matthew 25, partnering churches will have opportunities to engage in nationwide community-oriented initiatives designed to meet the community’s needs and introduce churches and Discovery Centers to the community.


A holistic and simple approach to health covering a multiplicity of topics and designed around faith components preparing the student for further Bible study (This 12-step health seminar will be available in 2020-21.) 


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