America in Prophecy

A Look at America’s Beginnings

After watching the nation teeter as it’s been battered by a pandemic, economic hardship, and racial tensions, thousands are asking themselves, “Where is America headed?”

Seventh-day Adventists have a unique understanding of America, its prophetic origins, and what the Bible says will happen to the nation in the future. Now is the time to share those insights with the communities of North America. The time has never been better to showcase the amazing accuracy of the Bible and offer a glimpse into where we are on the prophetic timeline.

In Final Empire, host Shawn Boonstra will explore the annals of history to reveal the astonishing tapestry of events woven together to construct a brand-new empire—the United States of America. On this journey, Pastor Boonstra will show viewers how these events—some starting over 3,000 years before the adoption of the U.S. Constitution—were critical to the rise of the nation and its unique religious liberties. He’ll also share what the Bible has to say about America’s past and the fate of her freedoms today.

The Four Sessions

Session 1

Republic Rising

Was the rise of America just an accident of chance? Pastor Shawn Boonstra digs into history to understand where America came from and where the country is headed next. This topic will examine the pages of history for evidence of the fingers of Providence shaping the origin of the nation.

Guests will discover the real reason behind Christopher Columbus’ voyage to America, his deep devotion to the church, and the divine hand that he believed was guiding his journey.

Session 2

Christianity Corrupted

Christ founded His church to be one of humility, but after the merging of church and state during the rule of Constantine, the church evolved into a power-hungry organization that sought to spread its teachings by force and control.

As the church grew in power, it began to attempt to systematically destroy all those who disagreed with it. As the church was rooting out heretics and burning them at the stake—acts never sanctioned by Christ—new ideas and discoveries suddenly started to take shape across Europe. Gutenberg’s printing press allowed Bible truth to be spread throughout Europe, and then an upstart young monk named Martin Luther started a continent-wide Reformation.

Pastor Boonstra will demonstrate the powerful connections in this historic timeline and introduce concepts from 1 Samuel and Daniel 2 that will engage and prepare participants for a deeper look at biblical prophecy.

Session 3

The Earth Opens Up

In the 1600s, the idea of a republic without a king was revolutionary—and irresistible. As English Protestants began to explore the intriguing idea of a world without kings, they focused on principles of government found in Deuteronomy 17.

As a New World emerged, a new vision of state power and religion started to take root. In this session, guests will learn how these biblical principles served as a safeguard for the founders of America.

Session 4

America’s Last Stand

In the concluding session of Final Empire, Pastor Boonstra shares the undeniable accounts of divine intervention and influence in the Revolutionary formation of America. The result was a government founded on Scriptural principles and religious liberty. However, the Bible has an urgent warning about America’s future, as Pastor Boonstra points out, and this reflects the reality that our only lasting hope is in the eternal kingdom of Christ.

This session is sure to whet the appetite of attendees, encouraging them to dig deeper into the prophecies of the Bible through a follow-up program held at your church.

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